Songbook+ updated! (Version 1.1)

Mar 11, 2014

Version 1.1


Free MIDI Sheet Music Download & Player - Score Player is updated to version 1.1!

The name of app is changed to Songbook+ : Sheet Music Viewer & MIDI player.


Improved Song Management

Ordering by song titles and artists. Also you can organize your songs by taggging.

Improved Memory Usage

The problem, that app is terminated due to lack of memory, is solved. You can play a long song without crash.

Instrument Display

When selecting track, now you can see the instrument of the track.

Playback Position

You can set the playback position by tapping a bar. This feature is available to only Pro version.

Notation Error Fix

The sheet music is more accurate.

Soungd Error Fix

Now you can listen music in lock mode.

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